Friday Favorite: Pretzel Dip

Disclaimer: Thanks to my haphazard clicking, this Friday Favorite is a day-early Thursday special preview!

I have a burning love for pretzels. In particular, the Price Chopper brand pretzels– I like how they’re small and dense. I’m also a tremendous fan of anything that can be dipped… it runs in my family.pretzel dip

Lately I’ve been on a total kick with this particular dip. I still distinctly remember the first time I had dill dip, in general. I was in my later elementary school years, at my BFF Nicole’s house, and her mom served it to us with pretzels (although in the 90’s we didn’t call it BFF yet, we opted for matching best friend jewelry from Claire’s) I was totally skeptical- but shortly after helped devour the entire container…which led to one heck of a belly ache, if I may add. Regardless, I’ve been hooked ever since.

Before you begin, let me say I realize there are many varieties of this floating around pinterest involving fresh dill and greek yogurt. I’m usually a big advocate for greek yogurt- but this is not one of those times. The greek yogurt dip just isn’t the same in this case.

While I’m sure hand making this with fresh dill is incredible, I have a terrible habit of murdering fresh herbs in the back of my fridge by freezing them to death. It’s wasteful and unnecessary *sorry herbs*

my usual routine was always more of the hummus variety

my usual routine was always more of the hummus variety, it didn’t stand a chance…

Another note I feel the need to acknowledge is that this isn’t actually intended for pretzels. It says ‘vegetable dip’ right on the container for pete’s sake. I bought it with great intentions for my school lunch routine. My dad has started a garden-fresh carrot drop off routine which I am deeply enjoying. I’ve been enjoying it even more so with this super tasty dill dip for dipping. I guess I’m not all that different from my kiddos with the dipping addiction, more on that here.

My dad's recent carrot delivery patiently awaiting my return

My dad’s recent carrot delivery patiently awaiting my return

carrots from dad's garden taste better because they're grown with love

carrots from dad’s garden taste better because they’re grown with love

However, on one sunny Thursday at 3 pm I felt more indulgent- and my normal pretzels/hummus routine just wasn’t cutting it. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the pretzels ended up in the dip. It was a magical discovery. I may have blacked out for a minute from bliss.

dill dipI like this particular dip because it has definitely contributed to my gigantic uptake in carrot consumption, and has a magnificent double life as an afternoon pretzel treat. You can find it in the refrigerated section of your local produce department. I opt for the light version because it is made with lower fat ingredients, unlike some ‘light’ options that sub out sugar for artificial sweeteners. Anything that has to be refrigerated makes me feel better inside, dips that are shelf stable for 2 years scare me (I’m looking at you, Tostito’s queso).

dill dip

6th Grader Thoughts: “Miss P, is it healthy that eating macaroni and cheese helps me deal with stress? What if I only eat the top crusty part?”

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