‘New Year’, New Sneakers

Although January is still months away, in the world of education the ‘new year’ has been fully welcomed in.

School is officially back in full swing. It’s definitely nice in teacher-land to be back in routine. The start of a new school year is certainly one of the reasons I love fall. Something about fresh notebooks and a new lunchbox always puts me in a super motivated mood. (Were those traditions supposed to stop when I switched from student to teacher? I hope not).

my happy place

my happy place

Another back-to-school tradition I revived this year is a shiney new pair of sneaks. After experiencing some knee pain lately after my work outs, I realized I have not gotten new sneakers in 3 years. 3 YEARS! That includes not only workouts, but a year I spent actually working the desk at the gym after the school day. (want to talk about dirty jobs? go clean other peoples’ sweat off of gym equipment)

RIP pink sneakers, you served your duties well.

RIP pink sneakers, you served your duties well.

I digress- Since I only wore this pretty pink pair inside the gym for the most part, they still appeared to be in excellent shape. I’ll use this as an example of not judging based on outside appearances, because inside these babies were shot. It’s one of those things that you don’t realize until you get a new pair and feel the difference. In the past I’ve always bought sneakers based on appearance, usually inspired by something seen on pinterest. I must be entering adulthood, because this time I actually researched the best options for joint support. #ThisIs25

arch support for daysss

arch support for daysss

This summer I joined a new gym in our area, Retro Fitness. I had never heard of it prior to its arrival, but apparently it is a chain. The huge selling feature for my is unlimited group fitness classes. I had always belonged to a minimalist budget-friendly gym, and always missed the classes I used to take in college. Retro has all kinds of classes from Zumba or spinning, to PiYo and boot camp. I definitely got my money’s worth in classes this summer, but I’ve slacked a bit since school started back up. One of my goals is to try more classes this month.

they even throw in a free tshirt, a perk I'm always a sucker for.

they even throw in a free tshirt, a perk I’m always a sucker for.

Last year I took a hiatus from gym membership to try at-home workouts. I built a handsome selection of fitness DVDs to use with the weights and an aerobics area in our basement (more about that here). While the workouts were effective, I found my motivation lacked. It’s just too easy to bail when you don’t feel like it. I need the monthly gym payments too keep me accountable. I also find that group fitness classes help exercise feel more like fun than my previous punishment in my sad lonely basement.

under 30 minutes for full body strength and cardio training

under 30 minutes for full body strength and cardio training

One of my students, aka ‘my kids’, recently asked me if I run. Sixth graders have an adorable interest in your life outside of the school (I admittedly convinced one class I sleep in my classroom). I was compelled to be honest and tell them I do run, but its not pretty and I’m not happy about it- which they found great humor in. The other great thing about sixth graders is they make you feel like a stand up comedian.

3 miles and a whole lotta' jumbo obstacles stronger!

3 miles and a whole lotta’ jumbo obstacles stronger!

The irony of being a health teacher that hates running isn’t lost on me, but I like to think of myself as a role model for my inner sixth-grade-self… the one that was full of anxiety at the mention of the gym class ‘mile run test.’ It gets better. Well, not really. Running is still awful in my book- but finding other exercises that I actually enjoy to balance it out makes it much more tolerable.

... but new shoes always make things better!

… but new shoes always make things better!

Actual 6th grader quote of the day: “I bet you talk about your feelings while you exercise- the healthy double whammy.”

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4 thoughts on “‘New Year’, New Sneakers

  1. New workout shoes are definitely really important! I’ve always had joint issues and support is super important to me, and I’m 27, so I don’t think it’s about age. I think our future selves will thank us for getting good shoes lol. And I totally love new notebooks, I’ve gotten about ten of them since August and I’m not even a teacher. I just like to write and always have :)


  2. haha love that 6th grader’s quote AND your #ThisIs25 hahaha. True life right thurr. Enjoy your new kicks girl– super cute!


  3. I just took my sister for her first pair of real running shoes and she was amazed at the difference a good pair of shoes makes. It puts some new spring into your step, figuratively and literally! (Thanks for the add on IG!)


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