Let’s talk about CHICKPEAS

It is absolutely no secret to those around me that I have a small obsession with chickpeas…aka Garbanzo beans. Aka those little slimy things on the salad bar.

Always thoroughly rinse and drain to lose the extra sodium

Always thoroughly rinse and drain to lose the extra sodium

I love chickpeas because they have a very creamy and mellow taste. If you do a quick pinterest search, you’ll easily find 10 different ways to use them in place of meat in dinner dishes. I tend to utilize them more as a snack or add-on. Or just eat them straight from the kitchen strainer.

Chickpeas are also a fantastic favorite food because of their nutritional virtue. Chickpeas, like most beans, are an awesome source of protein to give you a boost of stay-strong energy. Fiber is another fabulous part of these little beans, which helps you feel full, but since it’s not digestible inside the body it works to push everything along for a healthy digestive system.

I’m currently hooked on my DIY version of a Greek salad in one of my favorite restaurants. The original salad doesn’t have chickpeas, but I’m a firm believer that everything is better with chickpeas.

Tomato, onion, and feta combined with chickpea deliciousness makes my heart sing

Tomato, onion, and feta combined with chickpea deliciousness makes my heart sing

Ok so maybe the salad ends up looking closer to this…

Bring on the 'banzos

Bring on the ‘banzos

Roasted chickpeas are a great munchie snack for health-conscious crowds. I’m sure you’ve seen these floating around pinterest. They’re even being packaged and sold these days (I spotted some at TJ Max)

I www.peeledwellness.com

Toss in olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning before baking for about 30 minutes

I www.peeledwellness.com

The texture on roasted chickpeas is very similar to a French fry when made at home. They get crispy on the outside but the inside remains warm and chewy

What are your thoughts on chickpeas? For YEARS I dodged them in disgust when I saw them on salad bars. I only took the plunge when I finally saw them rinsed and drained.

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8 thoughts on “Let’s talk about CHICKPEAS

  1. I have recently overcome my fear or beans (this is insane because I LOVE beans now but didn’t eat them at all until I was 27 years old). I’ve tried chick peas a few times and they have always grossed me out a little, I’m going to try roasting them.


  2. I *hated* chickpeas as a kid and would pick them out of dishes that my dad made, but at some point (maybe in college) I had a change of heart and now they’re a total pantry staple in my house! I’ve never tried roasting them myself though. Perhaps tomorrow!


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