The BEST tortilla chips

This week’s Friday favorite is one of those items I always keep in excess in my pantry. With my love of Mexican food, tortilla chips are a constant necessity. Leftover anything in this house has a tendency to be turned into some sort of nachos. (did you see my Asian lettuce wraps? Yep- those became nachos) Outside of nachos, I’ve come to learn that some people, like my hubby-to-be, feel that tortilla chips compliment almost all meals. I kid you not: he won’t eat pizza without them!

Risk the $2 to try these and I promise you

Risk the $2 to try these and I promise you’ll never look back

Needless to say, we go through a lot of these chips in my house.

While tortilla chips of any kind are a far cry from health food, these are my go-to brand because they’re made with 3 simple ingredients: corn, oil, and salt. That’s all that you need to make a great tortilla chip, so why eat chips with other additives? I wrote a post all about reading food labels here.chips

The other reason I swear by these tortilla chips is they’re incredibly cost effective- only $2 a bag! They are widely available in almost any grocery store, and I still swear they’re the best tasting chip I’ve ever bought. I love that these chips taste close to what is served in restaurants and are sturdy enough to transport even the most hefty of dips.corn salsa

Do you have a favorite brand of tortilla chips? It won’t be easy for me, but I’d love to give them a try! #LiveLoveAndEatSalsa

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6 thoughts on “The BEST tortilla chips

  1. i agree. They are far cheaper than any other tortilla chips here and not overly salty. They stand up well to dips and salsa.


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