What is ‘Paleo’? A Beginner’s Guide [Guest Post from Real Simple Good]

While I'm not ready to call myself 'PALEO', I have been talking recently about dipping my toes in 
the water. For some expert advice, my friends Justin and Erica stopped by to give us the beginner's 
guide to the lifestyle!

We are Justin and Erica from realsimplegood.com, a paleo cooking and living blog, and we were excited and intrigued by Kim’s post about wanting to give paleo a try.

So, we thought maybe you’ve been wondering what this whole paleo thing is about too, haven’t you? Maybe you think it’s too complicated or requires too much effort. Well, we are happy to say that it’s really quite the opposite. A paleo lifestyle is truly all about simplifying. Here’s a little graphic to illustrate the core principles of a paleo lifestyle. Paleo Basics

Following these easy principles has allowed us to cut out all of the unnatural, processed food we used to eat and focus our diet on fresh, local, organic and high-quality ingredients. We have really noticed a difference in the way we feel eating this way.

Since following the paleo diet can be a little daunting at first, we thought we’d share one of our secrets to make life a little easier – one-pan meals. This is our favorite way to cook during a busy week because it allows us to have a simple but also delicious dinner ready to eat in about 30 minutes. Here are a few ways to create flavorful dinners with minimal effort.

First, a one-pan dish with bacon (because bacon makes everything better).

chicken bacon brussel sprouts

For this one-pan chicken skillet with bacon brussels sprouts, you only need six ingredients (plus salt and pepper). We don’t count them because six sounds much more doable than eight. :)

Next, a one-pan mediterranean skillet.  

 This one is full of flavor with onions, artichoke hearts, garlic, tomatoes, spinach and olives.

This one is full of flavor with onions, artichoke hearts, garlic, tomatoes, spinach and olives.

One last idea for you, a one-pan steak dinner.

Yep, you can enjoy a semi-fancy steak dinner, all in one pan.

Yep, you can enjoy a semi-fancy steak dinner, all in one pan.

We hope this gives you some ideas to try for quick and easy paleo meals. Give the paleo diet and lifestyle a try and check out our blog at realsimplegood.com for more easy paleo recipes.

– J&E

real simple good


10 thoughts on “What is ‘Paleo’? A Beginner’s Guide [Guest Post from Real Simple Good]

  1. I don’t think I could ever give up on the legumes. It is interesting though that Lard is listed as a “Healthy Fat” I’ve been trying to find an all organic non-hydrogenated lard (to make tamales with) from the store no luck yet. Amazon carries it for a pretty penny though.


    • @ Mel – We have found it difficult to find a lot of “truly paleo” items in stores. There are more and more every day, but most of the time we end up making things ourselves to ensure we are controlling our ingredients. As far as legumes, I thought I would miss them a lot also also (I used LOVE peanuts and peanut butter), but I have found alternatives such as almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds (and their butter counterparts) that satisfy any cravings I have.

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    • I make my own lard from pastured local sources, when I can get the pork. I’ve also set aside duck fat for the same process. As far as legumes go – I’m not strictly paleo – I soak the dried beans a long while before use (and severely limit how often I eat them), and see no problems with things like snow peas, because they are definitely edible even before being cooked.

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    • Thanks, Laura! Yes, we totally agree! Sleep is often under-rated, but really makes a huge difference in our abilities to rock at life! Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment! We hope you’ll visit the site and continue to get to know us.


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