Tell ’em Tuesday [20]

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My college roommate shared this video with me (she’s happy little health teacher too), and I instantly fell in love. Health enthusiasts and parents- please watch.

Ok, stepping off of my soap box and moving on to Tuesday festivities!

This week’s featured post comes from Melissa of ‘Nourished Peach.’ Her chowder is perfect for a rainy summer evening!

Chicken sausage and summer corn chowder- sign me up!

Chicken sausage and summer corn chowder- sign me up!

The top clicked post from last week’s link up came from Ruth of ‘Pea Fritters’. Her healthy snack ideas are perfect for birthday parties and lunch breaks alike!

healthy snacks

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8 thoughts on “Tell ’em Tuesday [20]

  1. That video was great and powerful! Healthy eating comes with having a healthy relationship with food and that starts at birth. What do we want to teach our children and how are we doing it? Also, super excited to have gotten most clicks last week!! Thankyou!! :D Proudly showing my badge on my page. Thanks Kim!


  2. Hi I watched the video with my 5, sorry 6 year old (as of 2 days ago!). Great. It’s all about the kids. We can do soulless diets, skip meals, or binge on family packs if we choose… but our ACTIONS speak more to our children than any WORDS we can say. Hope you’re enjoying the summer break Kim.


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