Greek Yogurt Benefits

This isn’t just a Friday Favorite, this is seriously one of my favorite foods to eat everyday. I wake up in the morning looking forward to eating my greek yogurt- I wish I was kidding.

the foodie highlight of my prep period

the foodie highlight of my prep period (#teacherlife)

So what makes greek yogurt so special? Its main claim to fame is the intensified protein content, as compared to regular low fat yogurt. Greek yogurt has 25% of your daily need for protein in just one cup- 25%! The reason everyone gets so jazzed up over protein these days is because it is essential for muscle tissue repair (that’s how we build muscle) and helps keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. I like getting protein from greek yogurt because it’s a ‘real food’ source, rather than a concentrated artificial supplement like some protein powders on the market today. For some other protein packed snack ideas, check out this post.

Another benefit of yogurt in general is probiotics. Typically when you think bacteria you think bad, but probiotics are the good bacteria that live in our gut. They help with healthy digestion and decreased stomach bloating. Again, I like getting probiotics from yogurt because it is real food, even though there are probiotic supplements out there.

Greek yogurt isn’t just a superstar because of it’s nutritional properties- the taste is on point too! Greek yogurt is much thicker in texture than traditional yogurts, which makes it much creamier and decadent to me. I like Chobani brand because it’s a local company and they don’t use artificial chemicals. In an ideal world, buying the plain flavor and adding real fresh fruit would be perfect. However, for practicality reasons, I usually grab the cherry flavor. With a little granola for some crunch it’s my favorite mid morning snack to power through the day!

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Click here for a peek into my detox plan

Click here for a peek into my detox plan

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21 thoughts on “Greek Yogurt Benefits

  1. Greek Yoghurt is a staple in my fridge – great with summer berries or rhubarb. I sometimes throw it in a smoothie or make an ice pop…. great to know it’s so good for you as well. Thank you for the post xx


  2. You make me proud of myself for eating greek yogurt. People hate it! But I mix fruits and chia seeds into mine and it’s even healthier. And I’m like you. I can’t be healthy 24/7. It’s just good to try! Lol


  3. We love our plain full fat yoghurt at our house! Aldi does a beautiful thick creamy organic one which I love :-) my toddler and I share a bowl of muesli and yoghurt most mornings. We also use it instead of sour cream in recipes. Oh and lots of smoothies!


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  5. Greek yogurt is a staple in our house too! So healthy and tasty! (I had Cabot Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Nature Valley Protein Crunchy Oats ‘n Dark Chocolate Granola for lunch! YUMMY!) Thanks for sharing :)


  6. I do love that creamier texture of greek yoghurt, not fond of plain greek yoghurt though. Has to be strawberry flavoured. Or else I have to find some strawberries to put in it, but it being strawberry flavoured is better because that keeps my sister away from it (she’s allergic to strawberries) and means it’s all mine!


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