Summer Cleansing

Recently, I was chatting with my friend Heidi from Foodie Goes Primal about her 2-day detox. I know this isn’t a rare conversation this time of year; it seems like everyone wants to kick start summer slim downs. This is what Heidi’s detox plan looked like:

  • No dairy
  • No meat
  • No wheat
  • No alcohol
  • Nothing cooked, so just raw veggies

what works and what just simply doesn't

Heidi’s 2-day plan is a perfect example of what many ‘detox diets’ look like. So this begs the question…

What works and what’s plain malarkey in the world of detoxing?

Click here for a peek into my detox plan

Click above for a peek into my detox plan

For a full explanation, check out my guest content featured in Heidi's post. Here's a sneak peek:

The good news: our bodies are naturally designed to cleanse themselves on an ongoing basis. We don’t need to do anything to rid our bodies of ‘toxic build up’, despite what many fad diets would like us to believe.

The bad news: a lot of what we eat isn’t what we were naturally designed to eat. We live in a world laden in processed foods and modified ingredients. Because of this, our bodies have to work much harder to keep up with their daily self-purifying.

This is where the benefits of eating whole foods comes into play. The reason that eating an extremely veggie-centered diet for a few days helps us feel detoxified is because we’re allowing our bodies to not have to work as hard. There isn’t much ‘detoxing’ required by our organs when we’re only putting good quality, REAL food in.

Not only that, but veggies are full of fiber! Fiber = calorie-free material that our bodies can’t digest. Think of fiber like a brillo scrubbing pad cleaning out your insides as it travels through. It helps push everything out! It’s super important to drink plenty of fluids when you’re increasing your fiber intake, otherwise you could get ‘backed up’ from sudden fiber overload. I actually spent one summer working in a supplement store, and unfortunately most detox supplements (like psyllium husk) are simply varying forms of fiber. No magic pills here! These also tend to be overly expensive, considering science has not proven that supplements taken in pill form work the same way as whole foods do in our body.

The reason you feel better after doing a ‘detox’ is partially because you’re proud that you’ve been making healthy food choices, kind of like how I always think my stomach is flatter after 1 hard workout. You also feel lighter because you may have helped reset your digestive health back to how it is supposed to function. Really, the impact of doing something like this depends on what your ‘normal’ eating habits look like.

As far as eliminating dairy and wheat, these foods are not necessarily ‘bad for you’ unless you have a diagnosable sensitivity or intolerance. There are many opinions on the topic, but I think a little in moderation is fine. The problem for the majority of people is that…

For the rest of this article, click below to check out Heidi’s post at Foodie Goes Primal.


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13 thoughts on “Summer Cleansing

  1. I’ve never done a cleanse! I’m thinking my body could use one time to time, especially right after vacation ;)
    Reading your friend’s 2-day plan, I feel like I would be so hungry!! I seriously may give it a go, though, simply to try it out. A 2 day cleanse can’t hurt right?! Do you recommend doing anything different to the cleanse for someone who is on their feet all day at work and also works out daily?


    • I don’t recommend doing something as restrictive as the 2 day cleanse I mentioned above- I would say just amp up your water and veggie intake to replace refined carbs like crackers or pasta for a bit- you’ll feel better! If you eat meat stick to lean cuts like fish or grilled chicken.

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  2. These are some great details to think about when doing a cleanse. I try to do something not super strict, but eliminate things like wheat, dairy, and meat for a few days a few times per year. Bikini season is always a good inspiration to do a cleanse!

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  3. This is a great article for cleansing. There are so many ways to cleanse/detox, there is something I’d like to add here; if someone who eats a SAD diet or unhealthy (packaged foods/fast foods) may get really sick and not know what to do so easing into a 2 day cleanse by cutting out 1 of the mentioned foods per day and keeping them out leading up to the end of the cleanse. Then adding 1 thing back in per day and see how it feels.

    Let me clarify what I mean because it might be confusing…
    4 days prior to cleanse-
    Day 1 – No alcohol (if you don’t drink, move on to day 2)
    Day 2- No dairy
    Day 3- No meat
    Day 4- No wheat
    Day 5- Begin your cleanse!! – Nothing cooked, so just raw veggies for 2 days.
    Day 6 – same as day 5
    Day 7- add meat
    Day 8- add dairy (watch how your digestion reacts)
    Day 9- add gluten (watch how your body feels)
    Day 10- hopefully you have decided to make better health choices (re-thinking certain foods) by now and can eat as normal.

    Of course we are all different and need special adjusting, I’m just adding my 2 cents :) Hope you don’t mind.


    • I like that idea! It’ll stretch it out a bit but make it a lot easier!
      I guess I kind of did the same when I eased back into my normal low carb eating habits after the cleanse…

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  4. You have said this perfectly! Yes, our bodies are designed to cleanse themselves, but should we really be eating all of that junk that it’s processed foods today? Nope. I have tried to do juice cleanses before, but always failed…except once when I added raw fruits and veggies. I felt so better and so much lighter! I think our bodies need a “reset” every now and then.

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