What is seltzer?

As you may have caught in my quick video on instagram yesterday, I’m officially dropping the ‘K’.

But seriously-why do seltzer, tonic water, flavored water and club soda all have to be sold on the same shelf right next to each other? Really… what is seltzer?

seltzer is simply carbonated water

seltzer is simply carbonated water…and I may have a small addiction to it

Seltzer has single handedly saved me from my former diet soda addiction. I can’t say I’m 100% off of the diet soda kick, but the goal is progress not perfection. Diet soda is engineered to be addictive, after all.

Seltzer is simply carbonated water- that’s it!

There’s zero sugar, artificial sweeteners, calories and guilt! It’s perfect for a fizzy pick me up without dumping all of the fake garbage from soda into your body.image

The brand I buy, Polar, only uses natural flavorings. Something to note about ‘natural flavorings’ is that they aren’t always as clean as they may seem. GROSS ALERT: For example, strawberry flavored treats used to be made from ‘naturally flavored’ beaver anal glands. Eek. Since a beaver is a natural being, it can still be called ‘natural flavorings.’

Polar brand is totally vegan, so we can rule out any animal products (or glands) being used in their seltzer. In an ideal world, getting plain seltzer and adding a fresh slice of lemon or lime would be perfection… but I can come to terms with the flavored Polar seltzer most days.

Healthy living is about doing your best, not being perfect.

orange vanilla is my current fav!

orange vanilla is my current fav!

They even do fun seasonal flavors in limited releases! I’m still trying to hunt down some for my fridge. Have you tried seltzer? Are you a fan?

**Disclaimer: I have previously mentioned that my mom is my standard for if something is off the health-food deep end. My mother hates seltzer. I’m going to bend the rules this time, however, because she is unusually fussy about beverages**

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32 thoughts on “What is seltzer?

      • I like my soda machine a lot. I simply drink plain — or add a slice or two of a lemon or a lime in my water tumbler afterwards. Or, I really like adding some to pomegranet juice to cut the bitter/sour of the latter. At any rate, I’ve been drinking selzer for decades now – long before it was trendy. (I used to grab my parents’ club soda they had reserved for mixers, and just drink that by itself.)


      • Haha you started young then! I was handed seltzer as a child and told it was soda- you can imagine my disappointment. Because of that I swore it off for about ten year- it’s recently come back into my life!


  1. Yes! I recently wrote a post about my new found love for carbonated water! It saves me from diet coke as well (i’ve only had 3 DCs in the last 10 weeks…as opposed to 2-3 a week!) it also helps me stay away from beer a bit too. Kinda strange.

    I need to find this Polar! Orange vanilla sounds so yum

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  2. Seltzer is awesome, but seems to be way bigger up here in the northeast than it was anywhere else I’ve lived. My go-to in the summers is the black cherry flavor Polar.

    While there is cause for concern among people with food allergies about the catch-all phrase “natural flavorings,” no one uses beaver anal glands as flavoring in food unless possibly if you’re in some super fancy weird foods restaurant where you’re paying a gazillion dollars a plate. Forget the gross factor — it’s a ridiculously expensive ingredient. It may still be used in perfumes, but not in mass-produced foods. More common food sensitivity issues in “natural flavorings” are soy, corn, and gluten derivatives which may cause issues for some people. (Snopes on castoreum: http://www.snopes.com/food/ingredient/castoreum.asp)

    I’m personally super excited that Clearly Canadian is going back into production — I’m reasonably sure that there is sugar in it, and the same potential issue with “natural flavorings,” but my family loved this stuff in the summers way back last century in the ’90s: https://www.clearlycanadian.com/. The blackberry flavor was the best!


    • I just like to use the beaver reference because it’s a good example of what companies can get away with when they say ‘natural flavoring’… even though it’s not as common anymore because of the expense.
      Is the clearly Canadian only available in Canada? (That may be a super silly question) I’m based in NY, but I definitely think there’s benefit to a little real sugar in something vs the mystery blend in commercial sodas. I think blackberry sounds like a tasty flavor!


  3. I love seltzer too!!! I love the orange vanilla flavor because the vanilla makes it taste a little decadent, even though it’s not! The vanilla pear is delicious in the same way! The black cherry has a special place in my heart too :-)


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