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Happy Tuesday! In case you haven’t heard, cinco de mayo is the perfect excuse to throw a FULL BLOWN Mexican foodie fest. Bring on the queso. And tacos. And tortilla chips. This might be my favorite day of the year, come to think of it…

The featured post from last week’s link up is from Laura at ‘Chronicles of Passion.’ I can totally relate to her love of casual mornings, it’s the best time of day! Her blueberry & vanilla waffles are the perfect partner for a steaming cup of weekend coffee (yes, weekend coffee is different then weekday coffee- it’s drank for pleasure rather than necessity). She uses a combination of buckwheat and whole wheat flour to up the nutritional value of this breakfast without sacrificing flavor.

blueberry and vanilla take these pancakes to the next level

blueberry and vanilla take these pancakes to the next level

The top clicked post from last week is from another Laura at ‘The Kiwi Country Girl.’ Laura blogs about her many adventures living on a farm in New Zealand with her hubby-to-be. Last week she shared her ‘Homemade Tomato Sauce (Ketchup)’ made from real food ingredients. The perfect topping for your burger, fries, or anything else you douse with ketchup!

homemade ketchup packs in flavor without adding processed ingredients

homemade ketchup packs in flavor without adding processed ingredients

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12 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR CONTENT: Tell ’em Tuesday [10]

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  3. Thank you for visiting our blog and liking the Chicken in Milk! It is an awesome dish! I hope I’ve done everything right to link to this post! Wishing you continued success with Peeled Wellness!


  4. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to extend myself into the real world! Loads of great stuff to read this afternoon and new things to try. X


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