Quinoa for beginners

Before you skip this post and immediately think ‘NOPE. I DON’T DO HEALTH FOOD’I beg you to hear me out.

Let’s start at the beginning. Quinoa. (pronounced keen-wah) (shocking, I know) (I also pronounced it kwee-noah)

First and most importantly: the taste. The texture is kind of comparable to rice; but it’s all a big trick because quinoa is not actually a grain, it’s a seed. Think of sunflower seeds…same idea. What that means is that it has lots of protein to keep you full and fiber to keep your insides moving. Win-win.

in 90 seconds you have a healthy mix of rice & quinoa- perfect for eating healthy when feeling lazy!

in 90 seconds you have a healthy mix of rice & quinoa- perfect for eating healthy when feeling lazy! (The little brown dots are the quinoa)

This is what I like to call quinoa for beginners. I also like to call myself a quinoa beginner.

I’ll be honest here, I don’t love the stuff. I don’t drink in smoothies or inject it intravenously- but I do try to swap it out for my standard rice when I’m feeling extra health-inclined. I’ll save you the ‘powers of super food’ mumbo jumbo- trust me, it’s good for you.

90 seconds to a healthy side dish, and available at your local wholesale club!

90 seconds to a healthy side dish, and available at your local wholesale club!

I can definitely come to terms with this as a side-dish short cut. This lovely little pouch is available at my local BJ’s Wholesale Club in a big pack that works out to be only $2 per packet. The label says there is only two servings per packet, but I’d say its easily 3 generous helpings. The ingredients are mainly rice, quinoa and seasonings; and it only has to be microwaved for 90 seconds! I dig it.

I love this because the combo of rice and quinoa definitely helps disguise the quinoa- especially for skeptics or other non believers. I also love this product because, well, being a grown up and eating healthy is really hard sometimes. We all need a shortcut in the pantry for moments of weakness.

Do you have a health food shortcut? What’s your favorite way to feel healthy when you also feel lazy?

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26 thoughts on “Quinoa for beginners

  1. I only discovered this a few weeks ago! I mix it with some things and make maple bites, it’s a real sweet treat but also great if you’re on slimming world! xxx


  2. I like how you’re not pushing all health foods onto your readers. You are always honest with what foods you like and don’t like and I appreciate your posts because of it! Quinoa is something I try once in a while. So good for you!


  3. I absolutely love quinoa! My favorite shortcut is sprouted quinoa and sprouted lentils. I buy them at whole foods ( I can’t think of the brand name ) they are presprouted so they cook in under 5 minutes! It’s a great time saver and very tasty!


  4. Mmm, quinoa. Slightly crunchy YUM – it really reminds me of long grain and wild rice, with those occasional chewy bits in there. I made a Greek-inspired quinoa casserole with tomatoes and spinach and lots of feta – oh heavens, it’s yummy. Power to the quinoa!


  5. Funny enough I like quinoa, however I very much dislike those packets. I think seeds of change is a great company, however those packets just taste like straight up garlic to me! haha. It was so overpowering. I’d be willing to try a different packet though. To each his own though! That’s the great thing about food is that everyone has different tastes! I like how you’re helping people find ways to make quick healthy switches though. Thanks for sharing!


  6. I think quinoa is great although I’d be hesitant to buy a mixed packet like that as quinoa is very expensive and rice is one of the cheapest foods… I think you’d probably get more for your money to purchase them separately and add your own seasonings.


  7. Cute post. I feel like quinoa is a bit like getting into a cold shower. Once you make the move it’s ok, but sometimes the thought of it means it just never happens!


  8. I’ve also recently just discovered quinoa. And its delicious. I came up with a dish involving mango, avocado and chicken. It’s on my blog #infoodieheaven – check it out :)


  9. This is great! I tried to make quinoa once and it was a DISASTER! This might give me the push I need to try it again, those little packets look pretty easy!


  10. I like to make a huge batch of quinoa and then throughout the week I make stir fries with whatever leftover protein I have. I mix in an egg, veggies and some teriyaki sauce. The simplest “fake-out” meal, and I also do the same with brown rice for the non-quinoa-lovin folk!


  11. I’ve tried quinoa a couple of times but I’m still not wild about the taste or texture. I’ve seen these packets at the store and thought about trying them out, I’ll have to grab one next time. I think the rice will definitely make it more palatable.


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  13. Is that a loofa? I love that commercial with the guy tailgating. His friends ask him, “What is that?” and he fantasizes about his team winning because he ate this “burger”. He answers: it’s a quee-noo. LOL. too funny. I tried to get hubby to eat quinoa burgers but he hated them. The kids like it if I cook it like rice.

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