I don’t have a gym membership

Recently Friday Favorites have been more like Friday health confessions. First I talk about using jarred tomato sauce, now about my lack of gym membership. I swear the intent is to share my favorite things from the week.

at home workout

I used to have a gym membership. I actually worked at a gym before I got my first teaching job (although, admittedly, it involved more eating purple tootsie rolls than anything else). My problem with having a gym membership wasn’t lack of use- I actually went about 4 times a week. The problem for me was in what I did while I was there.

From the time I left my house to the time I returned I was usually ‘at the gym’ for anywhere between 45 min to an hour. I’d do some cardio, monkey around on some weighted machines, do some ab work, and meander my way out the door.

Jillian Michaels changed that for me. Jillian Michaels scares the life out of me. It’s really a love/hate relationship.

I cancelled my gym membership once I found Jillian Michael’s work out DVDs. I paid under $10 at Walmart for ‘Ripped in 30’ [also available here]. In 30 minutes flat she hits full body strength, cardio, and abs. The circuit format of her workouts (3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs) allows me push right to my breaking point without ever actually exhausting myself to the point of needing to quit.

I’ve never been someone who can stay committed to ‘enjoy the stretch and relaxation’ of yoga, I need someone screaming at me to stay motivated. Jillian is MY GIRL for that.

Jillian Michaels DVDs changed the way I work out

Jillian Michaels DVDs changed the way I work out

The only equipment her workouts require is a set of hand weights and some empty space…she even offers a modified & advanced version for each move. She hammers on proper form; her videos have taught me essentially everything I know about strength training.

So for a 1-time $10 fee and only a 30 minute commitment, why not switch to at home workouts? I’m getting far better results than when I wandered the gym with no plan, and I shaved 30 minutes off of my workout time. I’m also a big fan of Jill’s Cardio FastFix Kickboxing DVD, which is also a circuit workout (Yes, I like to think I can call her ‘Jill’).

Thanks Jill, for terrifying me into bikini ready shape. That’s why you’re my Friday Fav. (Disclaimer: Jillian Michaels actually has no idea who I am)

Do you use at home fitness DVDs? Do you have a favorite workout DVD? I’d love to find some new variety!



44 thoughts on “I don’t have a gym membership

  1. I have a gym membership that I’ll never cancel because it’s dirt cheap but I haven’t gone in ages. I bought a Jillian DVD recently, “30 Day Shred,” that is amazing! I’m not the type of person that can do the elliptical at home, for instance, because it’s boring and I end up using it for 10 minutes before getting off … but, a DVD is different. It’s fun, it’s interactive, and you don’t have to worry about making a fool out of yourself in front of others. I’m all for workout DVDs! I’ll have to check out the other ones you recommended by Jillian.


    • 30 day shred and ripped in 30 are VERY similar as far as the workout structure- love me some Jillian! It’s hard to quit when she screams ‘400 POUND PEOPLE DO THIS- DON’T QUIT!’….how does she know I was about to?


  2. I feel exactly the same way! Jillian Michaels pushes me way harder than I push myself at the gym, and I like running outside way better than the treadmill. The only thing I * might * pay for in the future is a pool membership.


  3. Gym memberships are hard because we’re travelling all the time, but unfortunately so are safe running spots, so Jillian is my go-to lady! Her 30 day shred is also amazing, I love the three different levels, getting harder as the days go on. It’s great!


  4. Cool post! I am like you. I have an issue with wasted time! I exercise at home, every day, one hour a day, mostly yoga (Strala yoga) and from Monday I will start the bikini body guide bbg! Let’s see how I am doing.

    Maybe in the future I’ll try it! After I finished my bbg ;)



  5. I haven’t had a gym membership in 3 years! I simply don’t like the gym atmosphere. I feel judged and I don’t need that in my life :)

    I think videos are great! How many times a week do you do them and are they just Jills? I have one of hers…I should look for that and brace myself for some yelling :)

    I like a couple YouTube videos for yoga and abs, but other than that I use the super tiny gym at our complex when on a busy day I’ll run into 2 other people!


  6. We feel the same way! Need someone yelling at us…constructively of course :) But, we also found fitnessblender.com for a variety of stretching videos (and hundreds of others) that range from 7 minutes – 40 minutes for when our hammies are screaming at us. (We choose the seven minute video, and, like you, the fitness blender people have no clue who we are). Thanks for validating/rationalizing some of our similar life choices!

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  7. I don’t have a gym membership, but I do buy drop in passes for one class that I absolutely love at the gym. It’s cheaper to buy the drop in pass once a week, than the monthly membership price. I need someone to yell at me in person if I really want to get the most out of my work out time. With a DVD, I’d probably just choose to turn it off, lol. I’m also quite competitive, so having people working out along side me goes a long way in motivating me to work harder.

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  8. I completely agree. I own every almost every single Jillian DVD. I’ve done a blog post very similar to this one in fact because I LOVE them. She kicks butt! My first one ever was 30 Day Shred and it got me in great shape. Another favorite of mine is Yoga Meltdown. I love her spin on it! I saw she has a new one…Yoga Inferno, I’ve been eying it….I just have SO many already! 😜 Jillian is my girl too!!! 🙋👊


  9. My roommate swears by these Jillian Michaels DVDs! I guess I should join in on the fun sometime. My gym that I’ve been at for the past 6 months has really awesome bootcamp-style fitness classes and barre classes, but I definitely was in a slump at my previous gym.. it’s so necessary to have dynamic workouts that challenge you! And you get more bang for your buck in less time :)


  10. I’ve heard her DVD’s are awesome, thanks for the tip, I’ll have to check them out! The last time I did exercise DVD’s at home, it was to step aerobics with the instructor wearing a pink leotard and leg warmers, I have a feeling these will be much better :)

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  11. I’ve NEVER had a gym membership. I run 7 miles a day, rain or shine, snow or heat. I’m 56 and I have no patience for humanity while I’m sweating. I like to be all alone in the woods! 🌟🙏🏻🌟

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  12. The video sounds great. I used to have gym memberships, expensive or cheap I have to admit I never went as often as I should and am now using the outdoor and love it! I probably should get some kind of dvd as well :)


  13. I did about 3 months of a gym environment, mainly because it was offered as a part of a fitness challenge I was leading. That was enough for me to go back home and keep at doing my own thing… mainly ’cause I’m not worried if some dude is watching… and I push myself a lot harder alone. I have so much in my little “totally non-fancy and utilitarian ” workout space.. but it gets the job done =)


  14. Oh Jillian! When i moved to Boston and came across “On Demand” and their workout section, I became obsessed with her workouts! Now, as an instructor, if i workout at home (which i do, quite often, even with 2 free gym memberships!), i tend to make up my own workouts. You don’t NEED a gym to workout- there are so many videos and blogs and stuff like that to do in the comforts of your own home :)


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