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Welcome -or welcome back- to my very favorite bloggers! It was a good week around here. Want to know why?

I busted out my grill this week, finally. I’m basically tethered to the thing when there’s not snow on the ground …so that was certainly a highlight of my week.

You can expect any and everything grilled hitting ‘peeled.’ very soon.

Our featured post comes from Hermione at ‘Hermione’s Pantry.’ Her Apple, Raspberry and Ginger Pie looks almost too pretty to eat…almost being the key word. Would you believe this girl catered her sister’s wedding AT AGE 21? I was eating ramen noodles at 21. My Mexican-food-loving self is drawn to her homemade guacamole recipe, as well!

this pie is full of good-for-you berries & dressed the impress!

this pie is full of good-for-you berries & dressed the impress!

Last week’s top clicked post came from ‘Mermaid’s Tresses’, a family’s “new-fashioned” cookbook. This Zucchini Chocolate Cake is a great way to sneak in some plant power to any veggie-hating-chocolate-lovers in your life.

healthy... in the spectrum of cakes at least!

healthy… in the spectrum of cakes at least!

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Time for this week’s link up! Simply click the button below and tell everyone about one of your favorite posts this week. Feel free to share your post from any genre of topics.

tell 'em tuesday

Being a teacher, I can’t function without rules:

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30 thoughts on “Tell ’em Tuesday [7]

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  2. Thanks so much for featuring that zucchini chocolate slice. People here are a bit more adventurous than my usual friends – I usually tell people about the zucchini AFTER they’ve tasted the slice ;-).

    And you led me to some great new blogs last week. There’s so many great ideas and cooking out there.


  3. Thank you so much for featuring my post this week, it’s very exciting being featured! I’m really enjoying sharing my blog every week and love finding so many amazing new blogs every week! Thank you for starting and hosting this great link up! H x


  4. Yay for Tell ’em Tuesday! I love your link up because there are always several topics that I probably wouldn’t normally have searched but find them so interesting to read up on when I come across them on your link up! Thanks!


  5. Thanks so much for the party!! That pie and the cake both look delicious. Come on by and link up to Tips and Tricks! We start our party on Mondays at 9pm eastern time. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas


  6. Hey There! :) Today was my first link-up! So cool- many very neat posts on there! Question though- I would love to somehow link back to you or do a pingback, but I am not sure how to do that- help??


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