Friday Favorite

I wish I could rave about how awesome my Blendtec or Vitamix blender is-

…but who has a few hundred dollars laying around to drop on a blender?

I try to blog about practical everyday tips for improving wellness. Quite frankly, those blenders would not be good for my mental health right now because I would be far too stressed by the amount of money spent on a blender. (And I have these things called student loans…)

Enter Ninja blending systems.


the mighty ninja- a necessity!

I cannot recommend the ninja line of blenders highly enough. They’re a little more expensive than a basic blender, but with those extra dollars comes a dose of added blending power. I started out with the Ninja pulse (under $100) that solely blends in single serve cups.

After I grew confident in my smoothie making/drinking abilities, I upgraded to the full size Ninja Professional system (includes full size blender and single serve cup options). It now has a cozy home on my counter, and it certainly gets its share of use. I got mine with a coupon for about $120.

My top uses of my ninja are green smoothies healthy ice cream, and salsa. It whips them up like a dream. 

Do you use your blender for any recipes besides a basic smoothie? I’m always looking for new creations!

[The makers of Ninja have no clue I exist, I just love their product.]


28 thoughts on “Friday Favorite

    • I bought mine right out of college so the extra $40 for the food processing attachment seemed out of the question. I frequently wonder if I made the wrong choice! I may upgrade again someday.Like yours, my current one is in perfect shape too!


  1. I have a Vitamix. Back in the days when my mom “insisted” I need to start making green smoothies…It is overpriced…but it does making nut butters nice and easy. Although I feel like I can’t seem to get half of whatever I’m blending out of it.

    My favorite green smoothie was a couple cups of spinach, a small orange and half a banana, plus water. Something about spinach and orange just works well together. I read somewhere once that every fruit and every green leafy veggie falls into a family, and as long as you pick the fruits and veggies in the same family, it completely masks the veggie taste. I wish I could find that article again.


    • I haven’t attempted my own nut butter in the ninja but I have frequently thought about it. The fact that the vitamix doesn’t have single serve cups was a big turn off for me. I think many more people would be willing to make the jump if it were more practical for daily use.

      I wish you could find that article too! I’ve never tried orange with my spinach- thanks for the tip!


  2. I once, in a momwnt of weakness, bought the Magic Bullet blender system off a late-night infomercial, back when they first came out. I’m guessing the Ninja system is similar?
    Our former roommate burned out the motor on that thing and stripped the blades to nubbins years ago, by trying to crush ice for smoothies. Is the Ninja better made than the MB? If so, I may consider upgrading! :)


    • I’ve heard good things about the magic bullet. I opted for the ninja pro because it has single serve and full size blender options. The ninja pulse is very similar to a magic bullet- I’ve never tried a magic bullet so I can’t speak to comparing the two…but I always had great success with the ninja!

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  3. I love my ninja! Green Smoothies are my go-to as well, but I’ve made hummus and an awesome cranberry relish at Thanksgiving :) But Ice Cream?! Girl, now I need to go bust out my ninja again;) Thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. I have a Vitamix as well, and I have to say it gets its share of use in my home (between homemade pesto, hummus, chile sauces for tacos, green smoothies, and frozen cocktails, etc… in a house with three food loving cooks, it made sense to splurge) but I have to say when I move out, I might have to check out the Ninja system as an option on a college-grad budget :D

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    • that’s exactly the boat I was in (well, minus the vitamix in college). I spent hours comparing them and on a substitute teacher fresh out of college budget I just couldn’t come to terms with that much money. I think one major perk of the ninja is that you have the option of single serve blending- even for just a side of salsa!


  5. My favorite blender concoction can be a guacamole dip or a salad dressing. For one serving, simply blend one banana, one avocado and 1 clove of garlic (or you can do without the garlic if you like). For more servings just blend all three ingredients equally.

    I’ve had foodies tell me this was the “best” guacamole they’ve had in their life. :)


  6. I love using my blender to make fluffy almond flour flapjacks. Super easy and yummy. I too cannot bring myself to spend too many dollars on a blender. Xoxo Sash


  7. I have a vitamix. I use it for everything. I use it daily for my blueberry smothered protein pancakes and my green protein shake Literally daily for both of those! I also make sauces, cookie dough, or cake batter in there. Especially because sometimes I use whole almonds instead of almond flour or oatmeal instead of oat flour. Things like that. I’ve also made oatmeal in mine. Oh, and ice cream made out of pureed frozen bananas.

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  8. One afternoon a couple of Christmases ago, flush with some recently-gifted holiday money and maybe two glasses of champagne, I bought a Ninja blender FROM THE TV. With a bunch of attachments. It was not inexpensive, and kind of the craziest shopping thing I’ve ever done! But I friggin’ love that blender. On super high it sounds like a rocket taking off, but it works so well.

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  9. I’m with you! I also have a Ninja and love it! I’ve used Vitamix in the past at work and honestly, I like my Ninja even more. You’re right about prioritizing the student loans too :)


  10. I love my Ninja, especially with the trip blade format. I was lucky and got it 50% off (under $100..yippy!)
    I’ve made my share of smoothies, but I also make soups and crepe batter in my blender.


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