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Happy Tuesday to you! Have you heard that Tuesdays are statistically the most productive day of the week? Mondays are for lots of coffee and tying up loose ends before starting the new week. Tuesdays are for feeling motivated and ready to conquer the world!

…Or at least that’s my understanding of it.

The featured post from last week’s link up is from Glitter and Grey, one of my personal favorite new blogs! Glitter and Grey is run by mother-daughter duo Patricia (aka grey) and Alyssa (aka glitter). The combination of their unique styles and interests brings unlimited intrigue and variety to their posts. Last week they shared ‘decadent chocolate avocado brownies’, which put a moist and healthy twist on classic brownies. I enjoyed this post about adapting sundresses for early spring chilly weather.

Avocado adds to the moisture and health factor in these brownies!

Avocado adds to the moisture and health factor in these brownies!

The top clicked post last week came from Amanda at ‘The Chunky Chef.’ Her ‘slow cooker honey-balsamic pulled pork’ was wonderful in so many ways. First, who doesn’t love a good slow cooker recipe- I mean, seriously. Her use of honey and balsamic vinegar adds a delicious grown up twist on a southern comfort food. I love her slaw recipe too!

...Because who doesn't love a great slow cooker favorite?

…Because who doesn’t love a great slow cooker favorite?

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tell 'em tuesday

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40 thoughts on “Tell ’em Tuesday [6]

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