5 keys to summer slim down success

I’m trying to be proactive this year and not be shocked when the temperature in lovely upstate NY swings from -10 to 70 in a matter of weeks.

We’re all guilty of being a little lax on our fitness goals during sweater season; but crash dieting to compensate is terrible for your body. Now is the perfect time to start tweaking your lifestyle to feel great when those shorts and sunshine make a comeback!

summer slimdown

1. Cut down processed snacks: when you get the urge to snack, reach for real foods rather than ones that were created in a factory. You’ll automatically be choosing foods that are more satisfying nutritionally, so you’re not as prone to overeating. This swap will also decrease your salt intake (too much salt = bloating, ick). For some of my healthy snack suggestions, look here or here.

2. Be accountable: it’s easier to bail on healthy eating pledges when you feel like you can sneak in an extra sleeve of thin mints in the privacy of your kitchen. Let others know about your intent to eat better, especially those you live with. It’s also helpful to use apps like myfitnesspal (my favorite!) to track activity and calories to see if you’re on track to hitting your goals.

3. Drink more water: You’ve heard this before, but drinking water can help fight off overeating and mindless snacking. Try drinking a glass about 30 min before meals for best results. Drinking enough water actually helps eliminate bloating, too!

4. Move it: but not necessarily by hitting the gym. Occasionally we hit barriers because after that 30 min gym session it’s easier to slack off on moving the rest of the day. Some studies actually show greater weight management success in people who focus on moving more all day long rather than hitting the gym. I love my fitbit (its a tiny little step counter that syncs to my phone) to keep me in check.


the cutest little fitbit you ever did see…


5. Sleep: 8-10 hours a night, no excuses. If you’re waking up tired from under or over sleeping, you may be eating as many as 300 calories more a day! I wrote a post all about it here.


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14 thoughts on “5 keys to summer slim down success

    • Hi there! I try to focus on drinking 1 water bottle by lunch, 1 by the end of work, and 1 over the course of the evening (it’s a big water bottle). This way I’m not chugging it all at once, but I’m still aware when I haven’t been meeting my goal! I’m also a huge fan of dumping tons of ice and lemon slices into my water bottle so that it looks more appealing!

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  1. Water is hard for me… don’t know why, but I really, really don’t like drinking it unless working out, which at the minute is SELDOM! But I will try to take on board the suggestions… also will try to link up on Tuesday – I’m curious to see what happens! :-)


    • I’m the opposite- I can’t sleep in! Its like my internal clock is on a light sensor, I’m up with the sun. Because of that, I have to make sure I get to bed early otherwise the 8 hrs thing just wont happen.


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