iced coffee

I simply cannot drink hot coffee that has cooled to room temperature (insert gagging noise here).


This becomes a problem because I tend to be far too preoccupied talking with my hands to remember where I last set down my cup o’ joe. When I finally remember where I set it (or that I was drinking it at all), the poor abandoned coffee has become undrinkable by my temperature standards. *sigh*

Enter homemade iced coffee for the rescue. While I can’t drink lukewarm coffee- I can totally dig it purposely chilled.

Easiest recipe ever:

Brew strong coffee, put it in a glass pitcher in the fridge. That’s it! Then just mix it up however you like it in a travel cup over some ice. I love my reusable cups with straws for iced coffee to save my teeth some staining.


If you’re worried about ice diluting the coffee, you can fill ice trays with some of that coffee you brewed for the refrigerator. This way, as your ice melts your coffee won’t be watered down.

For more on brewing a healthier cup of coffee, check out my post here.


4 thoughts on “iced coffee

  1. Iced coffee is so much easier than people think! I make mine the same way as you posted and mix it with honey. Whenever I’m in the mood for some coffee, I just take it out, pour it into my Starbucks tumbler, and enjoy! I think for most people, it’s all about the convenience factor. It’s much easier to go to Bux while you’re at work (I’m guilty as charged) and get an iced coffee, than it is to lug around your iced coffee from home. Totally cheaper making your own, though, and really just as yummy!


    • Oh I totally feel the temptation to swing through ‘Bux’ (I like your nickname), especially around 3pm after work. My mom actually thought I was a nut for storing a pitcher of coffee in the fridge for a few years- I’m glad to have proof I’m not the only one!


      • Oh no, you’re totally smart for doing that! We have a Starbucks coffee cart at work AND a Starbucks right across the street! Our company gives that location 90% of its business. And, thanks – I’m too lazy to type out the whole name, so I resort to calling it Bux. :) Haha.


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