5 ways to be less stressed


  1. Make a list: by making a plan or a to-do list on paper, you instantly have less things to remember and feel more organized
  2. Take 5 slow, deep breaths: this one may sound cheesy, but it can serve as a mini moment of relaxation therapy while giving your body some much needed oxygen
  3. Let someone know you’re thankful for them: showing gratitude not only builds positive relationships but is actually shown to increase happiness
  4. Take a stroll around the building: even light exercise can help your stimulate your brain’s feel-good chemicals that makes stressful situations seem less overwhelming
  5. Indulge: this isn’t a go-ahead to eat a carton of Ben & Jerry’s, but take a break to do something small that gives you a sense of reward. This could be 5 minutes on Pinterest, a specialty cup of tea, or slicking on that kill ’em shade of lip stick… whatever makes you happy!

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