necessity: awkward pirate

Sometimes you just need an awkward pirate in your life.


I believe in eating nutrient dense foods, sleeping a solid 8 hours a night, exercising for stress relief, and volcano nachos.

Sometimes we need a break. I’ll never turn down an opportunity to laugh with someone I care about, and sometimes you just need to experience life. In this case, it was checking out a new restaurant with my mom during a day of shopping (said restaurant happened to have a pirate on stilts walking around to tables and making balloon animals).

(note: margarita was delicious before empty)

(note: nachos are half eaten in this picture & margarita was delicious before empty)

The trick is learning not to feel guilty or like you’ve ‘broken the rules’ by indulging once in a while. If you ask me, its in the rules to occasionally venture outside your normal bounds . It’s all a part of my 80% rule.

Letting yourself have this freedom actually improves the chances that you’ll stick to your new lifestyle- because it makes life reasonable. I would hate to wake up one day and know I missed out on the best margarita known to man, layered nachos, or a pirate on stilts. More than anything I would hate to know I missed sharing that experience with my mom all because I was afraid of breaking my diet.



So, what do you think? Comments:

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