pour yourself a better cup

imageHave you taken a good look at your cup of coffee lately? A few daily cups of coffee can help with mental clarity and provide a perfect pre-workout caffeine boost to help you push a little harder. CAUTION: that simple 5 calorie cup of coffee can turn into a calorie and fat monster with a few of these common mistakes.

Flavoring & Sweeteners

If your coffee order starts with a flavoring (vanilla, caramel, etc.), there’s a good chance that a heavy sugary syrup is being added to your coffee drink. These not only bulk up the potential sugar crash in an hour, but also pack on 100s of empty calories (calories that aren’t doing any good for your body). Some chains offer a flavor ‘shot’ option which only adds about 5 calories, but contains artificial sweeteners. While science can’t totally confirm these have negative effects, natural options are always better. Try to go for a little real sugar, honey, or agave. If you choose to go for a sugar substitute, Splenda and Truvia (made with stevia leaf extract) are the less dangerous options.

I like to flavor my coffee grounds with seasonal spices to make my coffee feel more indulgent without adding fat and calories. In the fall I sprinkle a little pumpkin pie spice in my grounds before brewing, and more recently I add a little unsweetened cocoa powder for a chocolatey fix.



The creamier you like your coffee, the higher fat content it will likely need. Fat isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it helps us feel satisfied (and helps prevent coffee staining on teeth!). Skim milk is the lowest calorie option, while half and half or heavy cream are the highest fat and high calorie options. I usually choose a low fat milk so that I can get the benefits of feeling satisfied while limiting calories. Almond milks have come a long way, but beware of artificial ingredients. Many flavored creamers also have added preservatives (aka chemical garbage) and higher fat content. Use these in moderation.


If a coffee looks and tastes like a dessert, we may want to consider it one. Skip the whip cream and chocolate syrup drizzles if you’re trying to watch your weight.


If you found this post helpful, please share it! I’d also love to hear any tips you have for brewing your best cup!


25 thoughts on “pour yourself a better cup

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  3. So true! Why do people think fraps at Bux are laced with so many calories and grams of sugar? If you ever read the nutritional information on their website, it’s sooo alarming! Coffee should not have 500+ calories and 60+ grams of sugar. I used to enjoy the occasional seasonal frap from there (pumpkin spice and salted caramel) until I read the nutritional information on their website — yikes!

    When I get in the rare mood to have coffee, I just make mine at home and flavor it with a little bit of honey and some nsweetened almond milk.

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  5. It’s so true. A lot of people don’t realize the amount of calories they’re drinking not only in coffee, but caffeinated drinks, juices and more. I’m more of the brew a cup at home and I buy creamer at the grocery store. This way I know how much I’m actually drinking. If I’m going to have calories, I want the satisfaction to last more than a cup! Thanks for sharing. :)


  6. It’s so true! A lot of people don’t realize the amount of calories they’re drinking not only in coffee, but also in caffeinated drinks, juices and more. I’m more of the brew-a-cup-at-home kind of person. That way I know exactly how much I’m having. I save my calories for an actual meal that will last me a lot longer than a cup of anything would. Thanks for sharing! :)


  7. I used to get crazy with my coffee orders at Starbucks and the like, but now I keep it simple, and mostly sip from home: dark roast coffee with 1 packet stevia & 1/2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream! Yum. And now I’m excited for coffee in the morning ;)

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