swimming lessons

One of my favorite documentaries (‘Fed Up’) explains living healthy in our society as being like “a fish swimming up stream.” We’re surrounded by fast food, candy at check-outs, energy drinks, and stress overkill. Making healthy choices is much easier when you feel prepared.

Often times I see posts about body builders meal prepping and think it’s a little extreme. Personally, I can’t batch cook brown rice with boiled chicken an entire week’s dinners and still be a remotely happy person. Variety at dinner is something I look forward to, so I make a compromise and prep my breakfasts/lunch/snacks.

You can see my post about how I prep a week’s worth of breakfast smoothies here.

I also double this recipe and pack a week’s worth of lunches.


At work, I keep some snacks in my cupboard incase I feel hungry in the afternoon. I’d much rather eat a snack that I’ve brought in for myself than processed food out of a vending machine. I wrote a post all about healthy snacking tips here. Some shelf-stable snacks I keep on hand at work are:

  • a jar of almonds
  • some homemade trail mix (its just mixed nuts, dried cherries, and dark chocolate chips)
  • an assortment of my favorite granola bars (I like Kashi TLC bars and KIND pumpkin maple bars)

I change up my routine occasionally to prevent burn out. Breakfast smoothies switch in and out with greek yogurt/granola. Lunch salads definitely see some variety. The main priority is having a plan so that when you’re hungry you’re not drowning in a sea of junk food. It only takes me about an hour when I get back from grocery shopping on Sundays to prep my smoothie cubes, lunch salads, and snacks. Its a huge time saver during the week- and I make better choices than if I waited until I was hungry to pick my meals!

Do you have any tips for swimming up stream in our fast food world? I’d love to hear about them!


5 thoughts on “swimming lessons

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  2. Meal prep is the most important factor in not only saving money but also, saving your waistline! I try to dedicate some time each night before bed to pack my breakfast, lunch, and snacks! I’m much less likely to be tempted by office potlucks (because Lord knows if you work in an office, they are around every cubicle!) if I have my own stash of healthy snacks at my desk.


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