The end of resolution road

imageHave you heard that February is when the majority of health-related New Years resolutions are thrown away? FEBRUARY. The year just started in January…

I get- I do. Sometimes we take on more than we should. Rather than taking baby steps towards a healthier life we overhaul everything about ourselves all at once, and then wonder why we’re exhausted and miserable.

What is necessary is a lifestyle change, not a resolution or crazy unreal diet. An important part of goal setting is making goals that are within reason, as well as allowing ourselves to feel success along the way. Celebrate the little milestones to motivate yourself moving forward.

Having a plan helps too. Think about your big goal, which could be very drastic, but then map out all the little phases you will have to go through to get there. Most importantly- don’t give up on yourself. Remember why you started this, remember your ‘why’. The glitter of New Years may be fading, but that just means we need to dig in and find the sparkle inside ourselves.



So, what do you think? Comments:

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