I’m instituting a new category for some of my posts- I’m calling them “mental health moments”; or as I call them in my head “mmmhmmmmmm‘s!”

One of my favorite sounds has to be a new friend laughing at my joke. In that moment, not only are you strengthening your bond with another person- but subconsciously getting a boost to your own self esteem. We like knowing that people we like, like us. Its part of our human connection.

With social media and texting speeding through our daily communication streams, I occasionally find myself missing that person to person bond. Laughter and positive social interactions actually release chemicals in our brain that can help us feel calm and happy. Who doesn’t want to feel calm and happy?

Take a few minutes to really engage with someone in your life. Be present and focused on that moment and enjoy their company.

But before you do, watch this beautiful poem-turned-video called “Look Up.” I promise it’s worth 5 minutes of your time.


So, what do you think? Comments:

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