stay-full snacks


The key to a perfect snack is a combination of a carbohydrate for a quick energy boost paired with a protein to keep energy up for a longer period of time. It’s also important to remember that a snack is not intended to be a meal- it is supposed to keep you from becoming hungry so that you do not overeat at meals. For that reason, try not to get carried away with portion sizes.

Carb + Protein = Hunger Crushing Snack

Many foods on the market as snacks are mostly carbohydrates, which explains the hunger we experience an hour after eating them! Here’s a list of some go-to carb & protein snack combos. Feel free to mix and match- the carbohydrates are italicized and proteins are bolded.

  • carrots/ hummus
  • apple slices/ peanut butter
  • celery/ greek yogurt ranch dip
  • dried fruit/dark chocolate/ mixed nuts trail mix
  • whole grain crackers/ low fat cheese
  • orange/ almonds
  • oats & banana / peanut butter smoothie
  • granola/ greek yogurt



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