salad dressing survival guide


Healthy eating and salads go together like peanut butter and jelly, only better for you. The problem is, that beautiful bed of nutritious vegetables stands at the mercy of your choice in salad dressing.

creamy dressings (ranch, thousand island, etc.) tend to be high in fat and calories. If fat loss is your goal, try to limit these.

fat-free dressings are marketed as the best choice for calorie counters, but in reality you’re depriving your body of many of the good-for-you vitamins you just ate. You see, some vitamins are best taken into our bodies with fat. If you’re eating salad with fat-free dressing, you may not absorb those nutrients properly.

What’s a salad lover to do? I suggest getting a little creative with olive oil (bonus points for healthy fats!), vinegars, and seasonings to make your own dressing. Not feeling crafty? When choosing a bottled salad dressing at the store, look for a vinaigrette with an ingredients list that is short and recognizable.


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