I’ll take real cheese, please.


A big mistake many people make when trying to lose weight is swapping out their pantry for ‘fat-free’ ‘sugar-free’ ‘low-carb’ versions of their favorite foods. In my opinion, these foods can add ‘taste-free’ to their labels.

Not only are these foods less satisfying, which makes you more likely to binge later (when I’m in a fresh baked cookie craving a ‘sugar free low carb fat free cookie wafer’ isn’t going to cut it) – they’re also worse for you! When manufacturers remove the sugar or fat from foods they’re generally left with something awful tasting. To make up for it, they increase the salt or other chemical garbage they put into it. In reality, its better for our bodies and our taste buds to eat a small portion of the real-deal food than to replace them with chemically altered alternatives.

Don’t be a victim of marketing schemes that try to grab your attention with ‘low-fat’ or ‘sugar-free’ health claims. Get back to basics and eat what you really want, just have a smaller portion. Better yet- have a glass of water and come back in 15 minutes, see if the craving passes. Sometimes junk food cravings are really just thirst in disguise!



6 thoughts on “I’ll take real cheese, please.

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