Eating Clean

A big part of my nutrition philosophy is to cut the processed crap and get back to eating real food. So much of what we eat today exists only with chemical creations. Real food grows from the ground or has a mom. This way of eating is commonly referred to as ‘eating clean’.

eating clean


Broccoli: grows from the ground

Chicken: has a mom

Doritos: last time I checked there was no such thing as a Dorito bush or a mama Dorito

By getting back to eating real naturally occurring foods we nourish our bodies with more nutrients and are more tuned into our bodies’ cues when we are satiated. When’s the last time you binged on celery? Now when’s the last time you binged on cheese puffs? see my point?

Processed foods are designed to play on our bodies’ natural draw to sugar, salt and fat. No wonder we crave them and feel like all control is lost once we begin munching. Try swapping out some of your snack choices for more ‘clean’ alternatives, you’d be shocked how many calories you can save.



8 thoughts on “Eating Clean

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I 100% agree. I grew up like most people not really paying much attention to how processed foods were and found out about clean eating as I went through my college courses… it’s so weird how your tastebuds adapt! Now when I eat my childhood favorites they taste so much different.

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