flu fears

fluTis’ the season! For flu that is. As you may have heard- this year’s flu vaccine wasn’t as on-point as we were hoping it would be. It is still beneficial to get the flu shot, but many are looking for additional ways to protect themselves. You may have heard about supplements that boast thousands of milligrams of vitamin C. There’s a few problems with using these as flu or cold prevention:

  • vitamin c only helps with immunity if you are already lacking vitamin c from your diet
  • vitamin c is ‘water soluble’ …translation: our body takes what it needs and the rest leaves the body through urine
  • there is no evidence showing that vitamin c supplements work in the body the same way as vitamin c from natural sources (food)

Will these supplements do you harm? Most likely not. Personally, I don’t like to flush my hard earn dollars down the toilet, literally. What can you do to stay healthy this flu season? Get plenty of rest and fluids, treat your body well, and always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.


So, what do you think? Comments:

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