“the why”


I believe that before beginning something new it’s important to first consider why you want to do it in the first place.

“the why”…so why start ‘peeled.’?

My reason in starting this journey is to help others see past the fog of health sales pitches and infomercials. I want to remind others about all of the stuff they probably never cared to learn in middle school health class. The basics, if you will. I’ll simplify what it means to be well- with a focus on doing the best you can. Real life, real food, real stressors, real change, and real happiness.

So let’s peel back the illusions and get back to what it really means to be well.


2 thoughts on ““the why”

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  2. What a great intro to your blog and what a great idea to link back to your first post! I love your reasoning behind starting peeled and I think that you do a smashing job!


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